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Fibromyalgia is a chronic-pain syndrome whose origins have not been scientifically confirmed. Research shows its source lies in a complex combination of immunological suppression, damage to the central nervous system and neuroendocrine disruption. The result is a plethora of symptoms including widespread and persistent body pain, fatigue, cognitive confusion and disrupted sleep. It is not a terminal diagnosis but the symptoms are frequently debilitating and life altering in severity. Patients can become very isolated and estranged from the life they once led. 

Each person experiences fibromyalgia differently. Currently there is no cure or standard of medical care to treat this illness. But many patients find hope and that life can improve by researching, educating and advocating for themselves to seek and find what works for them.

We Know How You Feel
The Fibromyalgia Crusade is a patient united awareness campaign promoting information, resources and support to aid in understanding and managing Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

We believe every patient has the right to effective medical care and the responsibility to pursue quality of life improvement through a balanced, total-body approach towards managing chronic pain and illness.

Gather Support
Many patients feel misunderstood, unsupported or isolated from the lives they once lived. The assistance and attention of friends and family can be invaluable and make all the difference in regaining a quality of life post-diagnosis.

A support network of other patients is another important source of guidance and compassion from those who truly know what living with Fibromyalgia is really like.
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Our Founder
I am a fibromyalgia patient who writes an award-winning blog on the challenges of living with chronic illness. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Leah Tyler

Seek Wellness
While modern medicine offers valuable treatments to help manage Fibromyalgia, many patients report cultivating a healthy lifestyle is equally important to rebuild core health and mitigate symptoms.

Reclaim Your Life
Fibromyalgia is the second most common chronic widespread pain disorder in the United States. A silent illness with few external signs and symptoms, patients often suffer from other diseases and medical conditions as well. 

Normal activities such as working, caring for a child or even bathing may become all but impossible. Daily life can be difficult to keep up with. We believe in embracing the best of modern medicine and holistic principles to help improve the severity and progression of this illness. 

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